Mika Fineo has generated an immense amount of experience working among many of today’s top artists, international headlining tours, and major label recording sessions. Mika is mostly known now for his time spent as the drummer for the 4 times platinum selling group FILTER (from 2007-2012). During his time with FILTER, Mika co-wrote and tracked on the group’s highly anticipated follow up album releases, tracked on four major motion picture soundtracks, appeared in several music videos, and performed on network television shows and numerous international tours. In addition to FILTER, Mika has now been expanding his reach, touring with many celebrated artists like KARMIN, ELLIOTT YAMIN (American Idol), BLAKE LEWIS (American Idol), PUDDLE OF MUDD, and many more. Mika’s credits continue to grow as his immense knowledge of music and his chameleon-like ability to compliment any style/genre continues to place him in A-level sessions and collaborations with acclaimed artists and producers internationally.

Mika Fineo Drummer


Mika Fineo Drummer

I think when it comes to the way I approach the drums it will always be from a strong influential amalgam of Jazz, R&B, Rock and Gospel music. I study everything I can. On any given day I might travel from Neo-Soul, to Synth/Dream Rock, to Future Pop, then end on a David Lynch film soundtrack. I’m constantly soaking up more and more and pulling inspiration from all sources of art and life itself. When I play, I want to sound like Mika Fineo. Hopefully, you can hear the influence of my past and present flow through me. I love it when other players have a voice of their own – it’s so inspiring. In my outlook to life: be humble and good-hearted within your objectives. Learn how to work well within extreme diversity and be inspiring. When you show up bring your very best. Offer up what you’re asked to do and have fun with it. Respect people and try to bring value to their lives whenever possible. It is amazing to be able to play music for a living. It’s not a right, it’s a privilege.


I am a Los Angeles and Nashville based live/studio drummer and i am available for both short and long term travel dates, tours and recording sessions. I am fully endorsed and equipped with road cases and all of my back-line gear rental fees are covered by my endorsement companies

Additional Skills

Piano, Keyboards/Synth

Backing Vox

Music Education

Drum Design

Read Music

Experience with programming drum electronics and sequences

Proficient in performing with a click, live tracks and slates

Holds a valid US Passport AND European Passport


Mika Fineo has studied with and under the mentorship of:

CHRIS COLEMAN (Drumming Virtuoso/Master Educator, drummer for Israel Houghton and New Breed, Chaka Kahn, Rachelle Ferrell, New Kids On the Block, and more)

STEVE RUCKER (Director of Drumset Studies at the University of Miami/Jazz Great, drummer for the Bee Gees)

DRUM CORPS (Various Teachers and Corps)

CLAY HECOCKS (Lead Musical Director for Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale, Celebrated Contemporary Christian Music Recording Artist/Writer/Producer, Director of Ocean’s Edge Musical Academy)

Drum Lessons
"I Want It All" on The Queen Latifah Show

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